Monday, 25 February 2013

A bear carrier for Flo

Just what every three year old needs, a carrier to keep ted safe and snug

This is the bear carrier pattern from oliver + s' little things to sew. All fabrics selected from the overflowing drawers... Mismatched buttons from Great Gran's tin, and I used two pairs on each strap to make the carrier adjustable for a variety of Flo's teds and dolls. The straps do up with velcro, though a little tricky to correctly place as I only had a six year old to model, so just hope the straps fit three year old Flo. A fun make!

Parcelled together with Babbit, a sweet favourite of Patch's

Do hope you had a happy birthday, Flo!

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  1. That looks fab, what a great idea for present sarah x.

  2. Thank you! Patch would have loved a manly version when he was little to cart around Car Ted...

  3. Hey Mrs Robinson, You bear carrier turned out beautifully. It's such a sweet pattern isn't it? Thanks also for all the sweet messages you leave on my blog - I'm rubbish at replying but love reading them. Also, I completely forgot that I did a little New Years giveaway to win one of my sister's screen prints (rubbish blogger that I am) so I'd just like to tell you that you won. Email me your address to amycbiddle at gmail dot com and I'll post it over to you. Congratulations. Mrs Biddle x