Tuesday, 16 April 2013

A knightly make for Sir Digby

So far I have used this pattern for Sir Patch, Sir Reuben, Sir Casper, Sir Joshua and now Sir Digby. If you have a knight that needs a new tabard then this is oh so good. The pattern is from Emma Hardy's Cute and Easy Costumes for Kids. Actually, if you have a child that needs any costume then this is a brilliant book.

The tabard is mainly sewn by hand using satisfyingly speedy embroidery floss. I most certainly think it is worth using thick quality felt for this make... I made Sir Patch his costume over two years ago and it is still looking knightly. The pattern also includes pieces for a helmet and boots and recommends a grey jersey. I found a dark grey knit fabric in John Lewis a few years ago, with added sparkle... it was during the festive season! While ideal for the chain mail look it is horrible to sew with. Far too slinky. I must have envisioned dressing many knights as I still have plenty of this fabric sliding around in my fabric pile. And the poor knights I have been responsible for dressing have been left barefoot as I decided that wellies would happily complete the outfit.

Do hope you had a happy birthday, Sir Digby!

Feeling rather glum... missing Patch as term started today and far too quiet at home, and still feeling rotten with a cold and aches that have been around for weeks. Rotten. Just might go and catch up with The Village before the walk to school. Hope all had a fun first day back at school!

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  1. This is brilliant and Sir Digby looks fabulous! I have a Viking costume to do next....and a sword to make....and 2 x 'maths hats'??!! Beth/thelinencat xx

    1. Sir Patch does look rather knightly doesn't he? Do tell - how have the Viking, sword and Maths hat makes gone?