Saturday, 27 July 2013

Gentle sunny days...

Oh my, first week of summer holidays gone already. We have been having such a lovely time, not really doing much. Filling our time with picnics, ice creams on the beach, playing in the paddling pool, trips to cool down at the bouncy pillow where there is always a breeze... and I get to sit with an iced coffee and knit or crochet!

These were taken in to school on the last day of term... Patch choose some jolly boxes

and some cheery earrings for his lovely teacher...

Layla Amber has such sweet things - I have a dear teacup necklace and just love it! Patch looked at all on offer and decided that these were just the thing for Kelly. She loved them! We put them inside a sunny glasses case

Not sure why these photographs are so gloomy as we have been having such bright days. I think it was fairly early in the morn... The yum clasp is from Guthrie and Ghani... just look at all those delicious colours! The fabric is Chloe's Closet 30s playtime purchased from the lovely Seamstar

Off to have some more fun sunny days!

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