Thursday, 1 August 2013

Birthday catch-up...

Patch had rather a lot of parties to attend throughout the last few weeks of school... two in one weekend was done with excitement but the two in one day resulted in a slightly tired and grumpy P. Garden parties, dance parties, disco, bowling parties, high-wire parties (terrifying... and that was the parents watching. Have never been to a party where quite so many children have ended in tears. Patch managed to get a few feet off the ground on the climbing wall before declaring no more. Sensible boy! He had as much fun though rolling down a great grassy slope, so the party was still a success) and a pirate party.

And here, all bundled together, are the makes...

Simple skirts for Laura, Darcy and Maya. The denim is from the local haphazardly-piled-to-the-ceiling fabric and habadashers and is fairly lightweight so good for a skirt, but not so for the denim trousers I still want to make P. And the cheery green is here from the lovely fabric rehab. Other fabrics from the tottering pile.

Look similar?

This time for Tamzin. Both fabrics now almost finished! And all wrapped up with a copy of

which seemed appropriate!

And for Captain Jem's pirate party

So happy with the still sweet but not too cute Makower pirate fabric found here.

So a happy birthday to all Patch's little friends!

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