Thursday, 22 August 2013

Oh-too-short trousers

We have been having dreamy summer holidays with gentle stay at home times and some fun days out. At the beginning of the holidays Patch made a list of the things he would like to do this summer which has been added to through the weeks

We are doing well!

And so this is just the right oh-so-quick make I have time for. Not sure I can really call this a make...

Hmmm, no, I did not make the trousers - that would most certainly be a proper make. These trousers could still fit more than one of our little weed Patch at the waist but were looking a little Dexy's Midnight Runners in length (did Dexy's Midnight Runners really wear too short trousers or were their oh-so-stylish dungarees rolled up? It may be that I have actually created more of a Dexy look). Oh well, some tabs and buttons have meant that P can continue to wear his trousers this summer

Can you see the print on the tabs - little paper folded boats. So sweet. Taken from the pile of fabrics bought to make P a patchwork quilt, and still sitting in a pile. And sorry Jo - Eddie will get these trousers one day! I'm now going to rummage through the bag of clothes to pass on to Eddie to see if there are more trousers ready for tabs...

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