Friday, 4 October 2013

Birthday knits... and bunting

These knits were both made for late summer (well, late-ish) birthdays and will hopefully be keeping two heads snug this autumn

I used the calorimetry pattern again, with these revisions to make a smaller knit, though it still fits my (normal size I think) head. The lovely heather colour is a Debbie Bliss Blue Faced Leicester Aran with a button from the tin. A complete remake in fact of this one from February. The blue wool was from the basket... I think it may well be another Debbie Bliss - maybe a teal cashmerino aran? With a vintage mustard button from Great Gran's tin. I still haven't knitted my very own calorimetry, though I do have just the wool! I fancy a mustard version...

I spent a happy afternoon making bunting... until large blisters appeared from overuse of pinking shears. Ouch! I enthusiastically approached cutting the colourful triangles, and later realised that I had totally overestimated the number needed. Now I realise I could have calculated how many of each colour was needed at the start by dividing the desired length of bunting by the width of each triangle, and that this would indeed probably have saved my hands as I only used maybe a quarter of the triangles cut. Pink and purple bunting anyone?

I was told that strong pinks and purples would go well in Patch's little friend's bedroom and after surprisingly discovering an absence of these colours in my rather substantial fabric piles, I found the fabrics in a small shop in Felixstowe. They have a great range of cheery poly cotton mixes, which was just right for this project. Oh, other than a pink remnant I did have - seen to the left above with the batik like flowers - leftover from a wrap skirt made about fifteen years ago, originally from John Lewis I think.

So a happy birthday Anna, Lou and Sophie!

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