Monday, 12 May 2014

Wooly wristwarmers for a chilly spring day

Yes, I have been wearing these today. The pair for me that is, not the pair made as a gift. That would be rude. First of all, the ones I haven't been wearing... another pair of  wristwarmers with contrast rib from Anna Wilkinson's Learn to Knit Love to Knit, this time with contrast
I knitted this pair in Debbie Bliss cashmerino dk in red, with the contrast in light grey and knitted extra rows as before for extra snugness. As you can see they were knitted for Christmas! Oh well. Oh, I don't mean oh well a dear friend has just got her Christmas present, just that it has taken me this long to mention them here. Though I can be rather delayed in my giving of handmade presents... Hope they've been keeping you toasty, Lou!
The other pair, the pair I have been wearing are made using Julie William's wristwarmers pattern found on her Little Cotton Rabbits blog. I made these in leftover Rico Design Fashion Nature DK in light grey with a trim of Rico Design Fashion Country aran in pistachio
I really do like the double moss stitch pattern. They are a little baggy on me, not that you can tell in the photograph above, but next time I would cast on a few less stitches. Lovely though, and worn a lot. Like today!


  1. They are lovely and I especially like the colours you've chosen.

    1. Choosing wool for the next wooly make is one of my favourite things! Even if that only means a rummage through the wool basket. Obviously a pop to a wool shop is a delight... particularly as both the local ones have delicious cake and coffee shops so close it would be rude not to visit!