Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Simply Crochet Granny Square a Week

A free crochet app just had to be explored! I tell myself that I must find time each week to crochet the Granny of the Week as I wouldn't want to fall behind. Oh no. I can be dreadfully behind with regards to ironing, cleaning, gardening but not this crochet.  It would appear that I am OK with being behind in blogging about these Granny squares though...

Week one was rather sadly named 'Your first Granny' which feels a bit mean when you discover the named delights of future weeks
A nice cheery basic Granny Square. The wool used is Annell Rapido  in off white, yellow, light cyan and light grey. Oh and there is also a ball in pink but obviously not used for this Granny. 

The thought was to join all Grannies together and make a blanket so I have kept to the same wool each week, even though the patterns can be quite different. But there is a problem... the patterns are different and so to are the sizes of the finished Grannies. Hmmm. Oh well, when I have a considerable pile I could maybe add extra rows to some to make them a similar size and then still join as a blanket. Or I may end up with a pile of Grannies with no plan.

Hopefully you shall see week two's next week!

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