Friday, 19 September 2014

The easy drawstring skirt... with pockets

Because it is those pockets that make this skirt
I followed this  tutorial by Melly Sews - with a few additions. I cut the skirt as one piece so there was only one side seam to do - this is meant to be a quick skirt after all! - added some top stitching around the waistband and made a deeper hem which was finished with a double row of stitching. Oh, and in the spirit of speediness I replaced the made tie with some ribbon. This skirt is certainly as quick and simple as others I have made and is actually quite a different style as it is less full than the lazy day or market skirt which I think suits the heavier cord.

The cattitude fabric (by Lizzy house for andover fabrics) was a must buy as the little girl who I made the skirt for has just welcomed a new kitten into their home. I suppose ideally I should have chosen a smaller print for the pockets but once I had decided on a kit fabric this was the one! I had planned to use a grey stripe ribbon for the tie to co-ordinate with those pockets, but sadly it was out of stock. Both the ribbon and fabric came from the dreamy eternal maker. And the pink cord came from the pile.

Happy birthday Esme! And yes, here are those pockets again...


  1. This is sooooo cute - especially the little turned back pockets with cats - lovely!

    1. The little cat-lover loves her skirt... and I finally found a purpose for the pink cord sitting in the pile!