Friday, 12 September 2014

The rainforest explorer vest

Another make for P - they had an Amazon day at school and were asked to go dressed in something inspired by the Amazon. P decided he wanted to go as an explorer and I smiled as I knew just the thing - the explorer vest from oliver + s' little things to sew
Patch's input was that TRF must be written in red on the waistcoat under the top pocket - TRF for The Rainforest Foundation, the name of the class company. Other than that this Mummy could do as she liked! So off to the local fabric shop in the hope of some cheap cotton in suitable colours. No cheap cotton was to be found but they did have some cheap and rather horrible poly type twill. This fabric stretches and was no fun. But it was sort of the colours I went looking for.

I did have fun!
If you make this vest please do make it with bellow pockets. They make for a slightly more involved sew but are so very much worth it. They even make this one made out of the most horrible fabric possible look sweet on a little one. And that back pocket!

And every explorer needs a hat... the reversible bucket hat from the same book

Put with some linen shorts and green t P was ready to explore the Amazon! I do wish I had used a nicer fabric to make these as P wears them a lot. Oh well


  1. Shame you regret the fabric, but certainly in the photos it looks great! What a lucky boy P is to have a Mummy that makes such lovely things for him :)

    1. I really should have thought that this may be something P wanted to wear everyday and so purchased nicer fabric. Oh well. And now I get to look forward to a costume make for the Christmas play! Surely I'm not the only parent who looks forward to these things?