Friday, 3 July 2015

Some birthday tees

Simple makes to show this week... not that any of these were actually made this week. It has been that sort of a week. Monday started well with a happy-to-do unpacking following a lovely weekend in London and then a trip to watch The Minions after school - Mr R couldn't wait til this weekend. And Tuesday lovely - iced coffee in the sun with a friend catching up with her makes, and there was also some wool buying for what I hope will be a rather special present. And then the call from school to say could we come and collect P. He had been crying into his three bean curry at lunchtime and they knew something was amiss as that is one of the menu highlights. And so on the hottest days of the year P was poorly. And that has been my week.

The garden showed no compassion for those of us inside and so today is desperately in need of my attention. So a quick post today...

Happy birthday Dan, Elia, Fred and Digby! Right, off to attend those poor plants

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