Saturday, 21 May 2016

A blanket and mini blanket for baby Robin. On a rather grey day

So please excuse these photographs. Also they were taken on a phone as this was when my camera had just given up. Not my best. But sweet enough makes, so the state of the photographs has been forgiven
 As soon as I thought about making a baby blanket I wanted to put these two fabrics together, both leftover from some dressmaking for me as yet not shown. Well, a dress and a skirt... more details sometime! The ditsy floral dress made an age ago now, the blue floral skirt made last summer and that was when I decided they just had to go together, with the brightest pink piping. And it turned out just as I hoped. The grey floral is a cotton poplin from Fabric Rehab and the blue floral has been sitting in the pile for so, so many years. Possibly one of the longest term residents of my fabric pile. It has a light blue cotton background with oh so many blue daisies embroidered all over. Purchased in Brighton when the shop Velvet still had a separate fabric and habadashery shop.

There was some sneaky piecing for both fabrics as this was a using what was in the pile make. Sandwiched inside is some cotton flannel, as Baby Robin lives in Kenya so I imagined doesn't need anything too hot. I quilted it altogether on the machine with some large squares, which are totally lost in these photographs, but it did give a gently quilted feel
 The ribbon blanket is backed with the same flannel with some dreamy Liberty
 I have no idea how Liberty tana lawn will respond to scrunching and dribbling and enthusiastic baby cuddles, but it does look so pretty! I do hope it is still going strong as I was informed that it was a favourite of Baby Robin's... I shall let you know!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! It is always lovely to have a reason for some baby makes, so many gorgeous things to be made!

  2. What a gorgeous blanket. Your fabrics are perfect together. x

    1. Thank you! I love the combination of these fabrics for some reason... and there just had to be some hot pink too!