Monday, 9 May 2016

A knitted collar

Hmmm. I do like this, and wear it a lot even though there is a little part of me that thinks it looks rather like the sort of heavy rubber collar you wear at the hairdressers. I think it is the size. And I'm unsure of the colours I chose too - not the grey, I love grey - but the pink is a bit pretty pink for me. But I had popped into the local wool shop with a friend, with no actual purpose, and they had a special offer on delicious MillaMia wool. Not being able to resist, I remembered this pattern and so chose two colours from the very limited colours left... it really was a great offer and so the shelf was almost empty! (I should perhaps mention that the pattern is the Brita Collar from MillaMia's High Society book of patterns). And that is why I combined the lovely grey with the oh-so-sweetly-pink pink. The colours are storm and petal, and the pattern needs just one ball of each.
I followed the pattern until the final cast off stitch when I added a few extra stitches to create a button loop, whereas the original finishes with a ribbon or hook and eye. And look, there is moss stitch and dear little cables.

I seem to have been showing lots of wooly makes here recently - there are a few to catch up with after wintery months spent cosied up with a blanket and some wool, so hopefully some sewing makes soon. Though I have managed a seasonally appropriate knitted make recently, and fancy a few other patterns so maybe there will be some summery knitting and crochet too!

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