Friday, 17 June 2016

A pile of clutches

I seem to be making piles of things at the mo... a pile of clutches here, last time it was a pile of tees. I've been saving up similar makes, waiting for a brighter day to photograph them but the brighter days have been replaced for the moment with grey and rather than wait for who knows how long, the gloomy photographs will have to do. And anyway some of these were quickly photographed before being parcelled off to friends in the gloom of winter, so at least all the photographs will look similar.

First in the pile is my favourite
I love, love the fabric. I was a lucky duck and won a giveaway of some fabric of my choice hosted by the delightful m is for make . Such a tricky decision!  Finally I selected this fabric, Kokka Fabric's half rounds from the charms collection. Or is it half round charms? Not sure, and I can't find it at m is for make anymore. It is gorgeous though - gold gently sparkly scallops on canvas. Thank you Kate! 
This was made for a friend. Oh, and I may have made one for myself too! So happy that I found some metal zips that I like... finding nice colours with an attractive zip pull in the UK has been as tricky as finding nicely coloured leatherette. These are from Bobbin Girl and have a pleasingly shaped doughnut zip pull and a good choice of colours. Didn't think to check my zips were sewn in the same direction. Oh well, I won't be using them at the same time.

Next is one made for a friend from a barkcloth remnant found at Fabric Rehab
There are two of them, not just the same clutch photographed twice, because as luck would have it there was enough fabric to make myself one as well. Is it possible to have too many? I am carrying my pretty jelly basket most days now that summer is here, and these are also great used as a pouch for car keys and anything else of a size that may easily tumble out of the jelly basket. Actually, now that I think about it the keys are too big to fall through the holes of the jelly bag, it's more that I feel they and other small things are vulnerable floating freely in the bottom of the basket. So I need pouches. And lots of them. And look, odd zips again.

I have realised that no fabric is safe from my clutch making...


  1. These are really good looking - I've also tried everywhere to find good quality faux leather - some looks promising until you actually have it in your hand - then it shouts 'plastic'...

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment! The search for non leather that behaves and looks like leather... if I have better luck I'll let you know!