Wednesday, 29 June 2016

A pretty crochet collar

I've been quiet here as I thought I had nothing to show, yet a quick glance at my photos showed two as yet unmentioned makes. Two! So you shall see me again soon-ish. There has been some making but what is missing is some bright day so that I have a hope of taking a passable photograph. I suppose there have been moments of brightness over the last few weeks, though these moments have been so fleeting that I have dashed outside either to sit or garden and not given a moment's thought to the fact that now is my chance to take a photograph or two. Hopefully when we have a prolonged sunny spell I shall seek some shade and retire inside where I shall spy my abandoned camera and click happily away. Until then please make do with some seasonally inappropriate crochet.
This is 'Collar' from Sarah Hatton Knits '10 Simple Crochet Projects' - a gorgeous booklet with its matt pages, beautiful photographs and simple projects. So many more that I plan to make. I shall add them to the list. 

The pattern suggests, and I actually did use, Rowan Softknit Cotton, purchased from John Lewis. This is the colour seaweed and it is such a gorgeous cotton to work with - soft, drapey and squishy. I made the longer version, sewed on a button from Great Gran's tin and proceeded to wear it lots. I do already have the wool for the shorter version, so you may see that soon!

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