Monday, 11 July 2016

Birthday noddlehead trail tote the second

Food shopping done and put away, wild winds and thunderstorms curtailing any gardening activity today, so finally I am here. Obviously ignoring Mount Ironing
There has been some making, too! Lovely Linda mentioned that she would like a larger bag, but that she really liked the Noodlehead trail tote made last year for her birthday (see here). Happily, two things that I could easily combine by making the larger size trail tote. I don't think Linda minded having similar presents two years in a row...
Quite a different look from the first trail tote, this time I used a brown waxed canvas-type fabric from the delicious Merchant and Mills, and the gorgeous webbing for the strap was from there too. The slider and ring are from Bobbin Girl  and the zip from Calico Laine
You can just see peeking out some of the lining fabric in the photo below... four corners weave cross in gold, found at the equally delicious Fabric Rehab. I need more of this summery yellow fabric
The details of the bag don't show up in these photographs, such as the well placed darts to give a well shaped bottom, and whilst it may be a little more subdued than Trail Tote the First, I do think Trail Tote the Second is a useful everyday bag. Hope you like your bag, Linda!

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