Friday, 30 September 2016

From Daddy's to Patch's

There is something so very satisfying about taking something from the pile of fabric or what-shall-I-do-withs, and making. This time I found two pairs of Mr R's old jeans which handily, as they were the same make and vintage, had worn evenly and cobbled the bits together to make P a pair of Sandbox Pants (the much loved pattern by Oliver+S)
I do wish I had taken a photograph of the small amount of original jeans left. It was mainly the waistbands, pockets and hems plus the rather worn out parts. It was with sadness though that I realised this is the last time I can make P a pair of trousers this way from Daddy's cast-offs as I used up all available length and width.  These were made by cutting up the original jeans and using them as if a normal piece of fabric, pinning the pattern onto them. I suppose I can still do it, but it will need to be more of a refashion, making use of the original parts of the jeans.

Now I am writing this, I cannot remember at all what size I made... Hmmmm. The photograph above shows though that whatever length I made, I used a much smaller waistband size, something I always do with this pattern
Patch had fun choosing buttons for the back pockets, these sunny buttons came from John Lewis. I was slightly surprised at P's choice but eagerly agreed as they are so sweet and how much longer will P be selecting something like this? Or even wanting to accompany me for button buying... Can you see the sweet face?
As I was looking through the piles I spied a pair of Mr R's pyjama bottoms, so while the pattern was out...

Gosh I am enjoying all this newly found knitting and crochet time while P is at swim club. Still have to block the shawl just finished, and have made a start on a simple autumnal knit which is nearly finished as P had two galas over the weekend. Now to plan the next make...

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  1. What fun to get a great pair of jeans from dad's well worn ones! I love the sunny buttons!

    1. Thank you! Sunny buttons on jeans during the grey winter days are just the thing. Maybe I should sew some on a cardy...