Friday, 2 December 2016

Winter time

I do love December... the excitement of the month, gathering with friends, preparing presents, making and writing Christmas cards, walks in chilly sunny weather. The mornings this week on the walk to school have been so frosty and pretty. I've enjoyed selecting a cosy scarf from my ever growing collection.

The first festive search in the attic for advent bits has been made, and a few favourites may have also come down too, though there has been no concerted Christmas decorating. That will wait for a few weekends yet, when the tree has been chosen and Christmas music will be playing, and the box of Celebrations opened. And the first viewing of the season of Prep and Landing. So much cosiness and festive fun to squeeze into this month.
The arrival of the advent calendars is the beginning of all the excitement. I think I enjoy being reacquainted with these as much as P.  Favourites from past years are being rediscovered, together with a new calendar this year requested by P. Have Match Attax arrived in your home? These cards are so popular with P and his friends with lots of deals being made during the school day. So this year, P was hopeful for a Match Attax calendar. I only discovered yesterday that there is a ready made version to buy, but being so very far from the price I want to pay for an advent calendar I decided to make one. And even though P is now aware of the ready made version he has rather loyally declared that his is better. Sweet boy
I spent a happy time wrapping up twenty four Christmas stories for P's book advent and getting out the first of the Christmas pillows 

Before the beginnings of all this festive fun, other makes had been completed, including a birthday  tee, lovingly parcelled for a newly turned two year old. Hope you had a fun birthday, Leo! 


  1. Lovely traditions and I love the fabric on that pillow!

    1. Thank you... We do love gnomes here, especially a festive gnome!