Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Either rather late or rather early...

For a Christmas jumper that is. I had hoped to take these photographs at least in January - well I suppose they were taken in January as that was only yesterday. January has worn me out this year. Horrible take-to-my-bed type cold after Christmas lingered in a bone aching manner until a few weeks into the new year and last week another cold has taken hold. Yuck.

Does anyone still want to even see a Christmas jumper? Maybe someone far more organised than me may be inspired for the festive season this year. And hopefully, unlike me, not forget about it again
 Fairly gentle for a Christmas jumper. I found the pattern in Simply Crochet issue 51, Esme Cricks's we heart it. Although I made a wreath instead of the heart shape, used slightly heavier wool from the basket, and sequins rather than pearl beads as that is what I had. Just add a creased jumper
The position of the mistletoe leaves isn't quite as I imagined but now they are sewn on I think they will be staying put. I'm off to see what other makes I have to catch up with - hopefully they will be appropriately wintery rather than so obviously festive...


  1. I think your jumper is amazing! I told myself I was going to work on Christmas all year this year! I'm not sure I was telling myself the truth but I at least hope to do better than last year.

    1. Oh I do like the thought that my slow ways are actually enhancing the creative makes of those far more organised than me who are busy, even now, making for next Christmas! I always seem to be a season behind in my making...