Wednesday, 2 May 2018

More mitts

Just popping in today as feeling yuck. The cold poor P had at the weekend has been shared... I thought though, at the start of the week, that a way to catch up with makes on here - and to remember what I had shown - would be to group similar things together in the week. So this is to be the week of mitts and wristwarmers, and then possibly various hats next week.

So the mitts this time are for small people
It was the sweetest pointed top and stitch pattern that made me excited to try these mitts - that and the fact that I was (and am) attempting to use up all part balls of yarn in the basket and drawers. Baby and child makes are ideal for the smallish quantities I have... then I just have to find suitable small people to gift them to! This is the (free!) Rocket Pop Baby Mitts pattern by Andrea Mowry using leftovers of Drops Nepal from a Gryffindor scarf made for P. It is an adorable pattern, and I would certainly make it again. If you have small people to knit for I really do recommend it.

Inbetween sniffing and feeling sorry for myself today I hope to find time to sit with my jumble blanket as the sweetest Instagram friend responded to my plea for dk scraps when I ran out of my own remnants last week. Not that these should be called scraps, they are so pretty. Thank you so Clare, if you happen to be reading this. In fact I think it is time for coffee and crochet right now...


  1. These are so sweet, they have areal vintage vibe, I can imagine them attached with a length of wool through the sleeves of the coat. Love the colours too, like rhubarb and custard.

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