Friday, 4 May 2018

My favourite wristwarmers

I think these are my very favourites for two reasons. No, three. This yarn was my first indie dyed yarn, the yarn is dreamy, and the pattern is lovely. The yarn is Cosmic Strings in rose garden, a gorgeous present from Mr R, and somehow extra special for being the first skein I owned.
These wristwarmers were knitted a few years ago, it was only when I was emptying the basket of winter woollies in the hallway this week that I realised they had not yet been shown here. I still adore this yarn - the amazing colours and the softness of the single ply. Happily there was still a fair amount of the skein left, which I then used for my spindrift shawl (seen here). The pattern is a non-stripey version of the Stripey Arms by Ameona Online, another free Ravelry pattern. I love that they are long
Just look at those pretty colours. Oh, and a scrap of Debbie Bliss 4 ply but-no-idea-of-colour used for the rib.

As much as I do love these I am hoping that I can now pack them away for the summer...


  1. very pretty. indeed! I really like how you trimmed them with the blue...

  2. yes we don't need them at the moment do we? xxx

  3. Now these really are fabulous! I love them with the blue rib too. Xx