Thursday, 4 October 2018

Back with a shawl

It has been a while... There are many, and not many, reasons why - the most recent reason is that I am back in the classroom. So lovely, but work is having an impact on the amount of time I have for woolly makes and sewing. My must-make-this-now list is yet to catch up with this reduction in hours.

But, following nicely from my previously shown make, I have a shawl made from the same dreamy Cosmic Strings yarn
 Such a beautifully soft yarn, I was so looking forward to seeing this colour knit up. The colourway is foxglove, and I initially used it last year for the cast off edge of another shawl where it looked gorgeous - but I was eager to see more
 So with almost a full skein I chose the Onete Scarf by Fairmount Fibres Design Team. Such a gorgeous (free!) pattern - I love those garter stitch bumps. I wore it to school this week, which is what reminded me that I still hadn't blogged about it. Maybe I'll rummage around for another thing to wear next week meaning another post! Happy October everyone...

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  1. What pretty colours, looks lovely. Sorry, I've been absent from blog reading for months so I'm starting a catch-up, apologies if you suddenly get loads of comments. Bx