Tuesday, 12 February 2013

A calorimetry knit

Oh my, another thing to add to my I-really-do-need-to-knit-one-of-these-for-me-too list... Rather difficult to photograph as distinct lack of available heads here today. Obviously there is my own head but somehow being photographer and model just didn't work for me. Many photographs of a wall, but no knit. So a chair will just have to do

The calorimetry is a knitted headscarf, perhaps best to look here to get a better idea. It really is a quick and simple knit, and happily kept me company while watching Mr Selfridge. This is a present for Maisie, whose favourite colour is purple, so I finally tried a ball of Debbie Bliss' Blue Faced Leicester Aran in Heather. Lovely name. And whilst not a super soft wool it has knitted into a cosy headscarf so now I shall purchase some more of the other yum colours.

Happy birthday Maisie!

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    1. Thank you... maybe I should get on and knit my very own one to keep me snug in this weather!