Wednesday, 7 August 2013

A quickly knitted Mike to take along to see Monster's University...

Not sure why Patch needed a Mike to take along, but need he did. Not much notice was given so a search on Ravelry came up with this from the learning dabbler

As it was a sunny Sunday afternoon and no wool shops open I had to rummage in the wool basket. The only Mike-like colour was this rather lovely Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran which is maybe slightly luxurious for a toy but it did mean the knitting could start right now. I followed the pattern with a few additions - the grey horn like bits (are they horns?) and a forth finger as it seemed so very important to me that I got the number of fingers right. Oh, and I used felt for features rather than the intarsia used in the original pattern. Hmmm... if I had planned this make a bit more I do think I would crochet it rather than knit as the finished toy would be more sturdy. And really, why didn't I just crochet a green ball with limbs? The finished shape would have been more Mike-like but I felt I needed the security of a pattern to follow. And oh Patch was happy to take his Mike along to the cinema!

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  1. Ah he's fabulous! We went to see that movie with the boys - loved it :)

    1. We giggled lots too! Not sure I can keep this up for all films P wants to see!