Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Yet more knitted toys...

This time from the amusing knitted wild animals by Sarah Keen. They were a fun request from Linda and Ems for Ems' newly arrived niece and older brother and were perhaps the more conservative animals in the book. Warthog? Moose? Good fun though

I made a start on the lion first as the giraffe slightly scared me with the word intarsia. I really did mean to follow the pattern and the fact that the lower parts of his legs are in stocking stitch rather than garter stitch can only be the fault of whatever I was watching on television at the time. However I did intend to knit the snout in one colour... And oh that mane. I spent far too long trying to work out the pattern given for loop stitch in the book before deciding to follow one of the many tutorials on youtube. Such a fun stitch as it reminds me of vintage baby matinee jackets. I fear there may be a photograph of me in a delightful pink one. Acrylic of course.

Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino was used for both - the main colour for the lion was 062 which I think is called gold, with colour 063 apricot for the paws, black for the features and chocolate (011) for the mane.

I was sadly feeling a little unsure of the lion once made up and stuffed, so he was happily abandoned as I awaited the arrival of the black wool in the post to embroider his features, so started the giraffe. The same colours were used with the addition of colour 101 fresh cream for the giraffe's hooves, muzzle and horns. Following advice on Ravelry I made an i-cord tail which seems to suit the giraffe more but other than that he is as the pattern

Oh so pleased to discover that the lion looked sweet once features embroidered! Decidingly fiddly patterns but with sweet results. Of course Patch would like one of each of the animals so I will still get the chance to knit the warthog!

Happy cuddles baby Polly and big brother Miles! And thank you for the book, dear Linda and Ems...

Photographs also courtesy of the lovely Linda
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    1. Thank you... they are sweet though I am looking forward to knitting something other than a toy now!