Monday, 15 September 2014

Blind and band

There really is no connection between these two random makes other than their initial letter...  but I am attempting to catch up with past makes and so am throwing these together.

The blind is of the roman sort and is looking rather pretty in the sitting room
I used a kit from John Lewis thinking it would be easier than purchasing all the separate pieces, though now I'm not so sure. Certainly the final threading of the cords was easier as the potentially confusing part at the top came ready threaded only leaving me to thread the ends through the blind tape. But the instructions were minimal which I think could lead to some hair tearing and wringing of hands and possibly tears for those expecting more guidance. Happily I managed to avoid these emotions and just decided it couldn't be that tricky. Luckily by the time I realised that you needed to cut each pice of blind tape so that the holes for the cords lined up mine did. And I just know there were other times I felt the instructions could be improved but now I can't remember. Any way the blind works smoothly and looks like a roman blind should so we are happy!

The kit comes with a clear plastic cleat which we replaced for a white metal version, and the wooden pine-look pull was given a totally unnecessary but looks much nicer for it coat of gentle blue paint.

Here's a better photograph of the colour of the fabric - a pretty Cath Kidston print bought for Sweet Pea Cottage, which we moved from nearly four years ago. Probably purchased a year or two earlier than that when we had no plans to move. Luckily it takes me an age to get around to making curtains and blinds so I never got around to making them for Sweet Pea Cottage!

And the headband... this is bobbles and baubles easy ten minute versatile headband made using a small bit of cotton from the basket
It really is a ten minute make! Parcelled up with some sewing bits for Anna's birthday
Happy birthday, Anna!


  1. I make Roman Blinds for my sister (and all the ones in my own house) and if I'm honest, I hate doing them, so much so that 7 years on there are still 2 needed here! I love seeing them up and finished, but working out all the measurements gives me a headache so well done on getting yours finished, it looks mighty fine! I've never used a kit, but then I buy the parts wholesale as I make so many, rubbish of JL to not include good instructions but I'm glad that didn't cause you any problems. Bethx

    1. It does make it worth it though once the blinds are up! And actually it is one of those jobs that is nowhere near as painful as the thought of doing the job. So no excuse for me putting off the blinds for my sewing room (how grand) and our bedroom!