Monday, 8 September 2014

The Flash costume

Maybe because I say yes to P's requests for most Mummy makes he looks so happily expectant when he makes another. And so it happened that P was invited to a party where he could dress as any favourite character. He asked to be Flash. Or is it The Flash? Anyway I had no idea who this fictional person was. I attempted to persuade P to go in one of his already made costumes. I tried to reason with him that the invite said favourite character and that surely this couldn't really be a favourite as I wasn't aware of them - this was at the point when I realised looking at that lovely little face that I was indeed going to be making a costume so I could try to make it one I would enjoy doing. And that is how I ended up putting together this Flash costume.
And mostly it really was putting together. The red trousers were bought and I was planning to buy the red long sleeve t too. But not one anywhere. By this stage I realised I was going to have to dye a long sleeve white t and the only shop to sell long sleeve white tees (this was the summer) was closed due to flooding. So I dyed a slightly too short t we already had which is slightly annoying as it started out slightly too small. Also slightly annoying that the washing machine rubber trim is still, may many washes later, a delightful shade of deep pink.

The hood is the helmet pattern from Emma Hardy's cute and easy costumes for kids, cut from a cheap and cheerful adult size red t, and the mask is from the same book. More felt was then used for the flashes - I sandwiched heavy duty interfacing in between the layers of the flashes on the head. The Flash does also have flashes on his legs but I decided to keep these trousers flashless as P has been wearing them as everyday trousers.
I do believe The Flash would also clean his boots before any mission but it gets muddy round here. 

Happily one of the Daddys at the party recognised this as a Flash costume so I was happy. And so was P. Very much so. What will he request next?


  1. It's awesome!! How easy it is to fall into the trap of making once, then forever needing to make in the future as their little eyes look in you in a pleading admiration of your skills ;) I've fallen into that trap many times. Worth it though as this looks great. Bethx

    1. I did surprise myself by having fun with this. I shall just make sure I balance these things with pretty floral makes too!