Monday, 29 September 2014

Two more dreamy ponchos with not a hint of seventies fashion...

I still want to call these shawls. Ponchos bring to mind a rather different woollen garment than these two delights. These are pretty ponchos from Nicki Trench's crochet living. I like them so much I have now made three. Sadly only one has stayed with me. This is my well worn version,  made last summer
I used Debbie Bliss cashmerino aran in gold for this one, with some vintage buttons purchased locally and chosen by P. Good choice Patch!

And then this summer I busied myself with
this time in the same delightful cashmerino aran in aqua. With more vintage buttons from the same local shop, in the loveliest mustard. Though they look rather unevenly placed in this photograph - I may have been watching tellie at the time. This one was made for my dear friend Lou's birthday. Please feel free to re-arrange those buttons! Why didn't I notice this? Oh well, hope you like your shawl Lou. For yes, I have decided, this is most certainly a shawl.


  1. I can see why you keep making these, they are so effective and I bet are received with huge appreciation - the gold is my fav colour. Bethxx

    1. Thank you! I am wearing mine right now. Whilst catching up on some rather overdue replies to lovely comments left on my blog!

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