Monday, 20 October 2014

I made a t-shirt...

I really think this may have been my first attempt sewing with knits. And it was so satisfying! I've been tempted with made by Rae's flashback skinny tee for an age as I love that style of tee on Patch. As he has got older it has become more difficult to find fun yet cute prints on tees, and regular visits to the delightful kitschy coo tempted me even more with all those amazing prints!

Just before the summer holidays I saw this knightly print - perfect for P who was having fun exploring castles and fairy tales at school. By the time I saw this print there was just one metre available but I didn't let that deter me - these knit fabrics come in generous widths so I convinced myself I could squeeze a tee for a seven year old out of one meter. Finally I purchased the pattern for the flashback skinny tee (a digital download from backstitch)  and some navy organic ribbing and set to.

This tee was made entirely on my sewing machine with a stretch stitch and a needle suitable for jersey fabric and I was a little unsure how my machine - and I - would cope. Oh my! I was amazed by the this-looks-like-it-came-from-a-shop finish on the seams and neck and arm cuffs. And so with this confidence I decided to add a contrast row of stitching around the neckband, just like some of P's shop bought tees. I shouldn't have. Where I thought this would make the neck sit nice and flat as the stitches caught the seam of the neckband on the inside, it actually stretched the shape and made it look a bit more, well, like I had made it. And then I attempted to stitch a hem rather than have a rolled unfinished hem. It is possible - just - to squeeze a tee for a seven year old out of one meter of fabric but only with a teeny hem. I think a wider hem may have encouraged the knit fabric to lie flat, but as it is it eagerly flips and rolls up. So really I should have just left the bottom edge unfinished. And yet I'm still happy with this and shall no doubt be making some more. And P? He loves it!


  1. Bummer about the top stitching, it's so annoying to make something you're really pleased with then add a bit extra and it doesn't work out as planned. Still, it looks great to me and the print is fabulous!! Bethxx

    1. Oh my... I haven't replied to comments since November! Assume that is when I began to bury myself under Christmas makes. I will try this pattern again, and maybe leave well alone this time. I loved the print, sadly getting a little shirt on P now