Monday, 6 October 2014

This is my favourite and best, Mummy... The Lego tee

Patch loves this t... I made it in April for a birthday Legoland treat and it has been worn so much since, and is still looking fine.  I drew the head shape onto the yellow fabric, painted the features on and then with the help of bondaweb stuck the head shape onto the t. I then simply edge stitched around the head, so over the months there has been a little fraying of the edges but not much at all. And really this t has been worn a lot!

It is a lovely autumnal day here today... a rainy and windy day, perfect for being inside snug with the heating on and some woolly make. Well it is wool week! And my dear friend has just become Mama to sweet baby Leo so I must knit... I'm off to curl up with Ethel and some wool


  1. Genius! And fab photo on the top there. Bxx

    1. P loves to wear this t - though sadly, as he insists on growing like a weed, it is looking a little short. Must find time to make another as it really is such a quick thing. And the photograph - all P's idea!