Friday, 10 October 2014

String bags... for me!

I do love string bags and after making a few this summer as Patch's school thank yous I decided to carry on and make myself one too. Well, two, as I couldn't possibly decide which pattern I liked more.  These have been so well used as can clearly be seen in this photograph
It has grown. Or stretched.  And I think continues to do so with every use. It is another everything & anything crochet string bag from dottie angel's and ted & agnes' granny chic and again I changed the handles so they are wider and longer. And then I made them even longer than the first version and really I shouldn't. I used three balls of Rico design creative cotton aran in light green and it obviously has a lot more stretch to it than the rather sturdy rowan cotton I used first time.

One of its first outings was to the brompton world championships at Goodwood this summer - Mr R and dear Ems took part, and Patch had a lot of fun riding around the circuit too. Which meant that I could sit and wave enthusiastically and then happily read Mollie Makes. I haven't made many of the free kits that come with Mollie Makes but that day, sitting in the sun and glancing over to my already growing string bag, I decided that the cherry brooch would look rather fine dangling from it. I have since starched it in a hope that it will stay flat-ish

And the second string bag is the free pattern on the classic elite yarn site again - the Provence summer string bag. 
Another summery colour from Rico designs essentials cotton dk - this time banana. Yum. 

It has been a while since a granny square from Simply Crochet's granny a week has appeared here - they are making a pretty pile as I continue to crochet them. Granny Iris is causing problems. I did think her unsightly shape could be tamed with a severe blocking but no. Granny Iris is refusing to co-operate. As it is still wool week I may excuse myself from the rest of the afternoon and have another go. So hopefully you shall see a Granny here next week. Quite why I can't just skip this Granny and continue to show you some of the others I'm not sure... Happy weekend!


  1. Very sweet and practical! The cherries are a great touch...

    1. Yes, those cheery cherries do finish it off happily don't they? With the rainy weather we have now though I think my cheery string bags need to be replaced with something a bit more robust!