Monday, 9 February 2015

Back to the knitted hats

This time Purl Bee's thank you hat, or in this case Christmas hat. This pattern is the big rib hat
Gosh, it does look big here. I had no head to measure it against as the head was residing in Holland with the rest of Frits, but it was true to the measurements given in the pattern. There is just the one size, which should fit most men it says. Actually I have seen a photograph of Frits wearing this, and it does appear to fit and actually looks rather nicer on than sitting here all wrinkly. That wavy edge on the ribbing! Smoothed out when worn I assure you.

I used Cascade Yarns 220 superwash in the unimaginatively named grey. A nice squishy wool, so we shall forgive it its name. So, a nice hat -I really do like the look of the deep rib. More hats to follow!

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