Monday, 23 February 2015

Some more Purl Bee Christmas hats

Purl Bee is such a fantastic and generous place to spend some time... all those knitting, crochet and sewing projects - for free. I think I got most of the patterns used for Christmas hats from there - and you have seen most of them now! I shall stop showing Christmas makes soon...
 So first, possibly my favourite hat pattern used this year, the classic cuffed hat. The kids and adults sizes have been a good fit for the children and adults presented with these hats. I have yet to make the baby size, but can you imagine how sweet? This was made for Mr R's Dad who likes navy blue so his hat was knitted in Rico essentials soft merino aran in navy
 This is one of the thank you hats - the simple rib hat. According to Purl Bee, this hat is sized to fit most women and some men. Now I know Mum has commented on the size of my Dad's head before, and believing it to be on the smaller size I decided this would be the perfect fit for Dad. It is a simple, quick knit and it does fit Dad... rather snugly. Turns out my Dad has a larger than some sized head.  I used yet more Rico essentials soft merino aran, in the lovely named mouse grey with a cinnamon trim.
And the last of the Purl Bee knits was for Ems. This may look a little like a tea cosy but is actually the boyfriend hat. Not quite the shape hat shown on the pattern. There are possibly a few reasons - as with Linda's tea-cosy hat I also cast on and did a large portion of this hat when out without a tape measure so no tension checking. And also my choice of wool - the pattern calls for line weight wool knitted on 3.25mm needles, so I choose a ball of  Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino in teal, and Jarol heritage 4 ply in silver. I really should have paid more attention to that little tension square on the ball band as, while they both recommend using 3.25mm needles, the debbie bliss knits up a little larger than the heritage. And that is to blame for the shape. This is perhaps the snuggest hat ever knitted though... it actually fits like a tea-cosy in that all that ribbing has no need to stretch to fit, it just sits on the head like a fabric made hat. I did try on before gifting, and again liked the look and so gave it to Ems, again with the understanding that it could always be re-knitted. I have since seen it on Ems' head and it looks rather lovely. Not as fine as the original, but a nice looking hat still. One day I shall return to the boyfriend hat and use a finer wool...

And I shall now go and give a poorly Patch lots more cuddles, who is just waking up from a snooze on the sofa. Poor thing, no going back to school for him today...


  1. i love the purl bee too, always lovely colours :) oh and you won my giveaway !! yay! have a lovely week x x

  2. Morning, I need your email address to get your details or you can message me on etsy if you prefer xx