Friday, 17 April 2015

And then I made some child size welly warmers

I was certainly in a everybody needs welly warmers mood when it came to making gifts earlier this year, and when I saw the leg warmers pattern in Kat Goldin's Crochet at Play I realised that this could continue for the smaller size gifts too
 I made the size 4+ for a five year old, seen here in Patch's eight year old wellies (the child, not the wellies) and they were a good fit for P. I am unsure about the wool I used as it was from the basket, though I do think it may be Rico Design Fashion Nature DK. The pattern suggests a 4ply and as I find this wool knits up smaller than a DK it worked just fine. So now both Flo and her Mummy have welly warmers
This book is a recent buy for me, found oh so cheap I could not resist. Such a shame I didn't purchase earlier as there are some sweet patterns  (P would have loved the Beastie feet, I would have loved him in the Wolf cardy) that sadly now too small for P. I may have to have a go at increasing the size of those Beastie feet though...

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