Friday, 24 April 2015

Mother's Day tea cosy

Mum mentioned that she would like a new tea cosy sometime before Mother's Day. I listened, remembered the gorgeous tea cosy found on Ravelry and ordered suitable wool. The tea cosy was this crochet delight by Leah of whydidn'tanyonetellme blog. And then Mum casually mentioned that what she likes is a double thickness tea cosy, and in fact if I was to make her a tea cosy she really rather likes the one I made a few years ago now, but in different colours please. Oh.

The original pattern (from a book given to me by Mum as a non too subtle hint just before her birthday one year) suggested quite different wool from that recently purchased for the job, but happily there was something similar in the book - imaginatively called Tea Cozies if anyone is wondering. A collection of odd (the sort of cosy which might be used by the Gogglebox lady. Have you noticed how she has a different cosy each week?) and slightly odder tea cosies. I used the snappy sounding Contemporary Cool pattern for the size but not for the look. With the addition of some lovely roses and leaves - as the original crochet delight - the finished cosy looked more Granny cool than contemporary cool
 The main colour is Cascade 220 Superwash in smoke blue, with a lining made up of many different blues from the basket, and roses in Drops Karisma in the suitable dark old rose.

So maybe not the cosy I intended but I love it... as does my Mum!

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