Monday, 13 April 2015


 Eastertime has been lovely... Treaty days, lazy days, wearing pyjamas, watching films, seeing friends, playing so many board games. Patch's request for holiday time was to go to Pump Street Bakery - or Pump Treat Bakery as he has renamed it. We were happy to oblige. Yum. Rhubarb jam doughnut...

There have been a few makes too
 This sweet bunny egg cosy was made for P's Easter breakfast. The pattern is from a recent Simply Crochet - issue 28 I think. I had to change the pattern slightly to accommodate a large size egg... I do like a make that uses balls of wool from the basket!

And look at that bunny tail
P and I made some delicious fudge for grandparent's Easter treats using the fudge for cheats recipe in Miss Hope and Mr Greenwood's Sweets made Simple. So moreish
Right, I'm off to enjoy the last day of the holidays with P!


  1. Easter seems so long ago now! LOVE the egg cosy, especially with it's little bunny tail, too cute! Bethx

    1. Oh my, and even longer ago now! Actually, it doesn't seem so very long ago for me, and I can't quite believe how many weeks P has been back at school and how little I have achieved... The teeny rabbit tail was my favourite bit too!