Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Summer holidays

Summer holidays seem a long time in coming this year, and yet they also caught me by surprise. All those things to be completed by the time the holidays began are now sitting, neglected, and shall most possibly remain so until September. Because I have more fun things to occupy my time... so far these have included treaty cake and coffee time with P (gosh we have actually managed a few of these, which is pretty impressive as we are still only in the first week of holidays) a sail on the river in a friend's boat, some quiet reading times, hexbug constructing, rainy and windswept walks, board game playing including a lengthy Monopoly, and film watching - we went with a friend to watch Inside Out this morn. Patch and friend said they enjoyed watching it, and certainly sat glued throughout. Often this type of film have bits dotted here and there for adult entertainment though this film possibly had a whole theme running throughout for adults to weep at and fondly reminisce, which I'm not sure Patch fully appreciciated. Anyway, a fun way to spend another rainy and windy morning. Reading how we have spent this first week seems more appropriate for an autumn half term rather than summer holiday activity. Oh well, it has done us good to have these gentle days.

One thing I did manage before the end of term was some end of term makes... this year it was more of the foldover clutches for all. Firstly more inspired by skirt as top's foldover doily clutch tutorial with you & mie's leatherette accent

 All fabrics from the piles - and this is the end of the leatherette so must find more. The barkcloth clutch is one for me, made from a treasured small piece of barkcloth. I decided to use coloured plastic zips on some rather than metal zips as the only jeans zips I could find locally came in navy. I do prefer the look of a metal zip...

And then a very simple foldover clutch, very much inspired by a pattern in issue 13 of love sewing magazine, named the foldover hexie clutch. Certainly want to make myself one with Liberty hexies, but for this one yet more fabric from the piles and a vintage mustard button. I liked the idea of yellow top stitching too, but so wish I had hidden those pesky extra stitches at the side. 
Which reminds me, I have a much used version of the one above which I made for me as an absolute necessity with a new bag. No photograph of that one yet, so I shall have to dedicate another post to yet another foldover clutch. And I found a piece of cannot resist barkcloth during a pop to fabric rehab this week, so there shall be even more. 

Oh, and not all the lovely staff in Patch's class received one of these - not sure Dan would appreciate a clutch so we made a huge pile of rocky road. Yum. Your delightful gift of veggie marshmallows have been put to delicious use, Linda and Ems. I may just have to make another pile for your next visit

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  1. P's teachers are very, very lucky. Must say, I spotted the fabulous barkcloth rather quickly, not surprised you're keeping that for yourself, it is works especially with the leatherette. Bethx