Monday, 22 February 2016

Keeping our loved ones' toes toastie

Still keeping toes toastie, this time with Erika Knight's slipper boots from Crochet Workshop. I like these, certainly my favourite slippers to crochet so far. But I have some knitted ones to show you this week (maybe - I feel like I may have made such rash statements before and then nothing for a few weeks. You may see them later on this week, or it may be next month) but anyway it is the knitted ones I may be tempted to make for my own toes...

Back to these delights. They do look rather adorable on a pair of small boy's feet
Or not so small feet as these were made for newly eleven and nine year olds. The pattern is for a women's slipper, with notes on how to adapt for different sizes. I chose the simpler method and selected a smaller hook size. This wool - Wendy serenity chunky - is rather soft and floppy, which is lovely but I wanted something sturdier for slippers so the smaller hook size made for a much denser finish. With the added bonus that the slippers now fitted a child's foot.
I love the pads on the bottom. Happy birthday Reuben, Casper and Barney!

We have had a few enforced quiet weeks as P had another round of chickenpox (or chicky spots as they are fondly known in our house. Well, maybe not fondly). So much to catch up on, haven't even mentioned a January birthday with cakes and parties and makes, and a sofa finally recovered. Hopefully more later this week...


  1. I have a bad case of the wanties, the pads on the bottom really are the finishing touch.

    1. Those pads certainly did add an extra oooo to these. Practical, but mainly because they were such pleasing shapes!