Saturday, 30 April 2016

A stylish cowl according to Mademoiselle Sophie

Not that Mademoiselle Sophie has seen or commented on my cowl... This is the Angora Cowl from the book Knit Stylish Scarves and Hats with Mademoiselle Sophie. A fun book as most patterns have an adult and mini version. Adorable!
 I used some oh so, so soft wool from the basket, so my cowl is a baby alpaca and mulberry silk cowl rather than an angora cowl. I bought this wool an age ago from Cafe Knit - pretty, full of dreamy yarns, and delicious coffee and cake. Yum. Anyway, purchased an age ago, possibly with a make in mind but I have no idea what that was and so it has been sitting in the basket. (For so long that this wool is no longer available). While this wool is oh so soft, the silk content means that it is very drapey and so it has been waiting for the right project.

And there it was, the Angora cowl. Mlle Sophie's version stands a lot taller around her neck, whereas this is floppy, but that must be that silk content. I used one strand of the wool - oh, I haven't mentioned what it is yet! Debbie Bliss Andes in the delightful pear colour.  The point of the cowl is knitted from the tip upwards and then knitted straight, with the two straight edges then joined at the back. As I knew this cowl would flop I knitted quite a few more rows after the increases in the hope that it would bunch up a bit more. And because I had two balls of this wool. Now it is finished and has been worn a lot (yes a lot - wooly cowls in April!) I do wish I had knitted even more rows and used the wool up. I now have a smaller ball of this wool sitting in the basket, which will no doubt sit there for many more years.

I have already knitted another scarf from this book, something slightly more springlike, and also have some other wooly makes to show before it gets hot and no-one wants to be thinking of such things. So, more wooly makes soon!

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