Thursday, 14 February 2013

Peter Pan pyjamas for Eddie

I made (in the simplest of terms) a top to go with these pyjama bottoms and packaged them up with an Octonauts bath toy and some yum play dough for the bath...

Hopefully a sweet smelling, snug Eddie! Do hope you had a jolly birthday.

Mr R and I had a treaty morn at the Pump Street Bakery... happy Valentine's Day Mr R

Crochet heart granny found here

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  1. What a lovely gift! I made some pj's from that stanley material last year but they still haven't got any buttons! Sarah x

    1. Oh wouldn't it be a dream to finish all of those projects! I'm still heartily confident (in February!) that this is the year I will indeed empty my basket of unfinished makes. Poor Patch still has unhemmed curtains in his bedroom, but somehow once the curtains are up it's never the right time to take them down again to finish!

  2. That's such a great gift! I'd be a very happy lady if my boys ever got something similar. Beth/thelinencat