Monday, 13 October 2014

An autumnal roller skate dress

As soon as I saw this fabric it seemed just the right thing for an autumn version of oliver + s' roller skate dress... Well, actually, as soon as my friend saw it and wondered if she might sew something for herself, I knew it was just the thing. I do hope I didn't put her off with my excitement about sewing a dress for a two year old with it. The fabric is a daisy print on a gorgeous mustard by Cosmo and was purchased at fabric rehab
And I know last time I said that I would be making a wider bow for any future versions, but here I used some navy velvet ribbon which looks fine on this size 2 dress, though I  would still make it wider for the larger sizes.

The lining is a navy check - because I felt there wasn't enough print already. I like its busy-ness - I only hope Polly does too. Though at two I'm sure she has little opinion, so let us hope mummy Jo approves. The navy gingham poplin was also from fabric rehab.

Finished with a button from Great Gran's tin... Happy birthday, Polly!


  1. My favourite autumn colour - mustard yellow! Love it :)

    1. One of my favourites too! I have plans involving fabric to be sewn for me and wool to be knitted and crocheted for me, all in this lovely colour, and yet have realised that the Christmas makes really should happen first. Oh well, there's always next autumn!