Saturday, 14 February 2015

Some more Christmas knitting

A coffee cosy seemed just the present for friends whose baby was a few months old at christmas, as they undoubtedly have the time to prettify their coffee jug. I had nice thoughts of encouraging some time during the day to curl up with a treaty drink...
Please do excuse the festive mug in February! The pattern is Jenny Lord's cafetiere coffee cosy from Purls of Wisdom. This is the second time I've used this pattern, and the second time I thought ooo, must make one of those for me. The wool is Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift in crimson, which is just the perfect shade of Christmasy red, knitted double to get the required thickness.

Hope you are enjoying lots of warm coffee Lou and Rachael. With cake, of course!

Valentine's Day for us is a rather quiet day as we have a poorly P. The planned seaside walk with the best chips for lunch, was revised to going to the cinema to see Big Hero 6, which in turn has been changed again. Poor P, he was adamant he wanted to got to his swimming lesson this morning, and did seem bright enough, but as we were heading for the cinema afterwards we had a very quiet request to please go home. A refused trip to the cinema certainly means all is not well. So we now have a tired, cold-filled and sleepy P snug under a duvet. The fire has been lit, I'm about to do some knitting, so I'm happy with this new plan for the day. Though of course I do wish P wasn't feeling so horrible...

Last night I made Mr R a heart balloon. Made with wool from the basket which has resulted in a larger heart than the pattern - found here by Simply Crochet mag
I really should have attended to my little crochet heart more, and paid less attention to watching The Musketeers as some of the crochet is reversed. Not that Mr R has noticed. And some heart shape biscuits for the school cake and bakes sale yesterday
Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Poor P :( Hope he feels better soon and love all the heart goodiness in this post. Bethx

    1. It has taken me so long to catch up withy replies... how rude! But a nice opportunity to look back - this day in February was so gentle and cosy. If this weather continues I may just have to arrange a similar day for next weekend, in May!