Monday, 9 March 2015

Presenting Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III

Patch decided he was going to use the full title of his chosen character for World Book Day. I was happy because the Hiccup costume had been made for Patch's birthday in January and so no last minute sewing and gathering of clothing necessary. Unheard of.
 The top is a basic tunic with Velcro closure at the back. I made it from a cotton lining fabric, apparently the same colour as our garage doors. I was planning on doing a fancy threading of the faux  leather lace with buttonholes but realised I had cut a v-neck shape rather than the slit that would have made such lacing possible. And actually this way the lace isn't going anywhere, nor can it be whipped out to trip up a poor unsuspecting viking, or put to any other use dreamed up by an eight year old. No, this lace is simply sewn into position.

 Not too sure it can be seen in these photographs, but the waistcoat is made out of a tufty type fleece fabric. I'm sure there is a better term. It malted horribly during construction but has since behaved. And a strip of felt for a belt, with yet more Velcro at the back. When Pea wore this for his party there was extra lacing on the arms, done with more of the brown lace tied in a criss cross fashion. It sort of stayed there for the party, though I was sure it wouldn't survive the school day.

Oh, I did have fun crocheting a Viking helmet
I followed Crochet Parfait's viking helmet pattern, which includes instructions for a child size. The
helmet is made using Drops big merino in grey with off white horns, and trim bits in (I think) Drops extra fine merino in light grey. This wool is oh so soft, and a lovely price, but has made quite a drapey helmet. I probably should have used a smaller hook size, but the size given in the pattern gave the correct tension... I think this floppiness has resulted in the horns being a little droopy. There were plans to crochet a Toothless for a birthday present for Pea, which I started. I then thought I may finish him for World Book Day, but I ran out of wool so Toothless is still also legless. And wingless.

And progress on my weekend blanket. Not much different from last weekend!


  1. Ha - the benefits of being able to knit - that helmet is awesome! Such pretty colours on your blanket.

    1. Surely you have the time to squeeze in a new craft or two! I love to knit and crochet, but to the expense of necessary things like keeping a clean and tidy house, gardening and feeding the family...