Friday, 6 March 2015

Sweet birthday mittens

Though if they are fingerless can they be mittens? Still sweet though, and actually called half-pint fingerless gloves
Hmmm... same pattern, same size and yet quite different at the top edge. I must have been watching something exciting on telly. The top pair are as the pattern. 

These are both knitted in Rico Country Aran in pistachio and are the 3-6 plus year size, knitted for two five year olds. The contrast cuff on the second pair is some Jarol Heritage 4ply from the basket. Pip has informed her Mummy that she loves her fingerless mitts as she can still suck her thumb - so one happy girl.  The pattern also has baby and toddler sizes, as well as a Mama size. Matching mitts! Pip and Flo's Mummys have been warned... Happy birthdays Pip and Flo!

It was my birthday, too, this week... such a lucky duck, we spent a sunny day in Southwold and I received some lovely presents. Mr R laughed when he saw a collection of them, and wondered how old I was

Love my coloured fairy lights! Just as I remember our Christmas tree lights when I was little... I am (or have been up until now) a definite tasteful white lights on the Christmas tree, but must have mentioned my hankering for some of the lights of my childhood Christmases when Linda and Ems were visiting. Patch decided that they should be birthday lights as well as for Christmas, so they are up. And may not come down. Thank you so Linda and Ems! And the original flying ducks were a present from Mr R!

And then an equally lovely, but un-birthday related, parcel arrived - full of delicious things won on the delightful teawagon tales recent giveaway. Thank you so Mrs Teawagontales! Oh what a treat week!


  1. Happy Birthday to you! I love the fair lights, they are very similar to the ones we used to have on our tree as well. Bx

    1. Oh I do love those fairy lights... and yes,

    2. Meant to say, and yes - they are still up and merrily twinkling!