Tuesday, 24 March 2015

There was one more wooly hat...

How could I forget this fun make? 

I followed Ashlee Marie's crochet striped beanie and bobble beard patterns. Made for a friend's little one's sixth birthday in a teen size beanie with a medium beard. 

I first made Patch and his Daddy matching bearded hats last year (see here) and then for Reuben and Casper's birthday presents - which remain photo-less as they were finished and swiftly wrapped one eve before my parents were off to the Netherlands. I realised during the first two hats that they are slightly small and certainly are rather shallow. Is that what I mean? They seem to finish quite a way above the ear - which I find not so snuggly for a hat. I suppose the addition of a beard makes this not such a problem, but I still like a hat to be able to cover an ear or two. So for this one I added more rows, oh and attached the beard with buttons sewn onto the inside rib of the hat in case the wearer wishes to go beardless.

Continuing with my nice-pattern-can-I-use-Drops-wool theme (the price, the washability, the softness - yum) this hat was made with Drops Big Merino in navy blue, orange and off white with mocha for the beard. Hope you had a happy birthday, Logan! 


  1. I want one. Seriously, I would love a bearded lady had for school run on winter days, everyone already thinks I'm a bit weird so it wouldn't make any difference. Coming from a farming family in the Dales, my Dad used to have a balaclava to wear in winter when the weather was biting and he was outdoors all day, I can imagine this would be a great alternative for my Brother now he runs the farm. Great fun. Bx

    1. Oh you really do need to learn to crochet! I have managed to avoid making one for myself so far, but Patch and Mr R received many comments this winter walking to school in matching bearded hats. Maybe I do need to join in the fun...