Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Did I really just knit a minecraft hat?

Not so long ago, I had little idea that this is how I will spend my time. But I had pleading from P that I make one for his friend for his birthday. And that pleading has continued once P realised I had wool leftover and is now planning one for his very own lovely head
Strange, mottled effect on P's navy t - sorry. 

A few minutes on Ravelry found Alexandra Davidoff's Creeper beanie. I didn't happen to have any suitable colour wool in the basket, so ordered a ball of Cascade pacific in kelly green from Wool Warehouse. A true kelly green seemed the right colour, so this limited my wool choices, but really I have little idea what makes a good minecraft green. Cascade pacific is a rather floppy wool - I think the word may be drapey - with a slight sheen to it. The pattern is for a one size fits all, and I made a slight change from the pattern by knitting it on the same size needle, ribbing and all. Because I had the required 4.5mm and not a 5mm, and as it is made to fit adults and children I thought this would be OK. And it is OK, though the ribbing is fairly loose and it is quite large for a child's head. Also, peculiar gathered effect at the top. Next time (gosh, did I really say that?) I would use a simple hat pattern used before for a better fit and then add the duplicate stitch. The black wool was from the basket and whilst a similar weight it was much sturdier which may be why the green shows through the stitching. 

So, whilst I may not see this as one of my favourite makes, Ben was most happy with his hat. And Patch just a little envious. Happy birthday, Ben!

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