Tuesday, 19 April 2016

The other baby cardigan

Now knitted so long ago it possibly fits baby no longer... This was the second cardy I knitted for a soon-to-be-Gran-again last summer
Soon-to-be-Gran chose the pattern from a pile of my knitting books, which I was most happy about because of the moss stitch. This is the matinee jacket from Claire Montgomerie's easy baby knits. It is worth doing a quick Ravelry check for errata as my copy of the book has a few mistakes for this pattern. The wool used is a wool and bamboo mix - cozy bamboo by Ella Rae in Lullaby - chosen because the bamboo seemed suitable for a babe living in Australia
This is a very silky, drapey wool with quite a sheen. I had to size down to 3.75mm needles to get the correct tension. Oh, and like others before have said, this seems to be a fairly wide knit, certainly compared to the other cardy knitted at the same time.

How dreamy - a little pile of baby cardies!


  1. Lovely is there a pattern I could buy and where

  2. https://www.knittingmagic.biz/ you can get the free pattern from the link above or Pinterest