Friday, 15 April 2016

Moss stitch mittens

Mittens for me. And oh, how I love them. Mittens and moss stitch...

My mittens happened as happily the same day the purl bee released their free seed stitch mittens and handwarmers pattern and I fell in love and had to make some now, Mr R gave me some wool as a Valentine's Day present. I am a lucky duck. That was two years ago. I decided that this was to be the pattern I learnt the magic that is the  knitting in the round magic loop. And it took me an age to understand but now... now everything for the almost last two years is knitted using the magical magic loop. No more ladders up the sides of my knits thank you.  And so I oh so happily knitted a mitt. And then, just as when I knitted some socks, I felt the happiness of having finished my pair of mittens and was all eager to wear them. The only problem was, I had finished one mitt. And so this one mitt sat, alone in a bag until I needed some telly watching knitting this Christmas time and they were rescued.
 The wool is the gorgeously soft and lovely to knit with Sublime baby cashmere merino silk dk, in Teddy red. Well done Mr R, you chose well

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