Friday, 27 March 2015

This really is the last wooly hat

Following a rather lovely look through my knitting and crochet books, I decided to make this, the lace beret from Claire Montgomerie's easy kids knits, for a little girl's eighth birthday. Otherwise known as the strawberry beret
but I think that may be because of my colour choices! I already had this pretty green wool - the never ending ball of  Rico Design Fashion Country Aran in pistachio - and was looking for something pretty to go with. As I stood in the shop dreaming of all the things oh I must make right now, I saw this beautiful dusky pink wool and thought it was just the thing to go with the green. The pink is Sublime extra fine merino wool dk in the yum sounding toffee apple.

A sweet and gentle knit and the Sublime wool a joy to knit with. This  hat does come up rather large, it almost fitted me. Oh, after just measuring my head that is because the size I choose - large - fits a head up to 22inches. Which mine is. I really should have measured that earlier... I just thought that as the book is for 3-10 year olds, that the largest size would be best for a soon to be eight year old. Let us hope that Lucy is embracing the slouchy look.

And then because the ball of green wool is never ending, another pair of half pint fingerless gloves. Each pair of these mitts knitted so far has looked different, not sure which part of the pattern I'm not paying attention to, though I did intentionally increase the length of the ribbing and added a few more rows along the top edge. The largest child size did fit P when he tried them on but I felt a few extra rows at either end would add extra snugness
Hope you had a happy birthday, Lucy!


  1. I like all the hats so happy to see another! Again, you make such wonderful gifts. Bx Ps, sorry for the rash of comments, I'm trying to catch up on my reading.

    1. Please do not apologise for the number of comments, they are so lovely to receive! And I have rather bombarded you with replies as I catch up this eve... sorry!